How Blockchain will give us control back over our bodies

Within two years all medical data will be globally available – including your genomes – unless it can be blockchained by ethical start ups like Shivom.

Well, we say ethical start ups. Who knows? The CEO and founder, Dr Axel Schumacher, sounded very nice on the phone. And the 94 page white paper on Precision Medicine looks pretty convincing.

Then again, so did the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Google. They were into precision marketing.

Dr Axel Schumaker, CEO of Shivom

Dr Axel Schumacher – I don’t think I’d mind if he examined my genomes – he is a proper doctor after all

We didn’t know that. We all assumed they were philanthropists who let us use their expensive data centres to store all our private thoughts because they really wanted to ‘democratise the world’.

They told us they were levelling the playing field. Actually, they were looting our private lives.

It turns out they were selling every bit of information they could glean, to everyone from pyramid sellers, to debt collectors to oppressive government snooping agencies.

Still, we’re all a bit older and wiser now? We won’t get spooked again, will we? Sadly, it turns out we will and this time the data intrusions go even deeper. As if having our privacy ravished by cyber spivs wasn’t bad enough, the next generation of digital confidence gainers have taken snooping to the next level. They’ve devised a way to ransack our medical histories and taken privacy pillaging to a molecular level.

Did you know that all these wearable gadget companies, like Fitbit, sell the information you upload to them? You might not think your ECGs are all that exciting but pharmaceutical companies have an endless appetite for this sort of stuff. They’ve got absolute buckets of money, like futures and options traders on Friday night in a lap dancing club. Those rapacious pharmas will keep stuffing notes into our private places in the hope that we’ll show them more of our biology.

But who is profiting from this Medical Peep Show? Fitbit, that’s who. All you get is a useless wearable placebo which doesn’t seem to tell you much at all. You wonder how long people wear a Fitbit until they get bored with them and put them in the cupboard with the other fad equipment, between the Espresso Machine and the Sandwich Toaster.

Genome companies like 23&Me have even more detailed information about our DNA. Why? Because we’re mug enough to send them our blood samples, in the vain hope that they’ll tell us something about our genetic make up. Which one of the 12 tribes were we descended from? It’s the modern version of Astrology. I’ve got typical DNA of a Sagittarean, on the cusp of a privacy invasion.

Surely, if someone is going to pay to ogle at our double helix, we should be the ones getting paid. We shouldn’t be giving our bodies away free so that some wearable pimp can take all the profit. If I’m going to get my genomes out for the labs, I want a piece of the action.

This is where Blockchain can help us. it can put us back in control of our data. We can use wearable gadgets to measure and monitor us. But new blockchain companies like Shivom, will put a lock on our data, so we only give it up by consent. You wanna see my Genomes, Mr SmithKlineGlaxo? Well put ten dollars into my bitcoin!

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